International Finance Advisers


About Us


Sovereign Offshore Ltd has extensive experience advising clients internationally; we are well versed in providing financial advice to individuals, families, companies and trusts.

You can access totally independent professional advice from a company that is experienced in every aspect of international investments.

  • An excellent track record in delivering continued investment returns
    Sovereign endeavors to maximize investment returns regardless of market conditions by utilizing the many funds available to our clients
  • Recommendations tailored to individual or corporate needs
    Our highly personalized service will benefit individuals and corporations with their financial planning.
  • Huge fund choice encompassing virtually every investment sector available
    Sovereign’s considerable experience in financial planning enables us to recommend a wide variety of investment options.
  • Investments in all major currencies
    Sovereign can recommend investments in all major currencies.
  • Security and confidentiality guaranteed
    Security is provided by Investor Protection Schemes in the Jurisdiction we recommend our clients base their investments. Confidentiality is assured from the Financial Institutions whom we recommend to our clients – fully supported by Sovereign Offshore.
  • Tax free growth
  • Maximize your investments – tax free growth! With clients in Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, Far East, Middle East and South America, we are focused on providing sound financial advice to a broad spectrum of clients. Whatever your financial objectives, speak to Sovereign. We care, we are professional and we are entirely confidential in every aspect of our service.